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Door Monkey Australia is under new ownership!
Posted on: 06/21/16 11:52 PM by admin in Blog, Top Post

Hi everyone!

Just wanted to add a quick post to introduce myself as the new owner and distributer of the Door Monkey in Australia. My name is Kiri and I’m an aussie mum probably just like you. I discovered the door monkey several years ago and cannot imagine life without this ingenious product. And i became the sole Australian distributer because i genuinely believe in and love the Door Monkey and more parents, grandparents and carers deserve to know about it too 🙂

While we are still busy signing up stockists and updating the website you can buy directly from my eBay store or contact me directly via the contact us page.


Boutique Parenting eBay Store



Kiri – Boutique Parenting | Door Monkey AU

Baby turning on hot water in bathtub

Bathtub Injuries: How Every Parent Can Prevent Them!
Posted on: 10/22/13 6:27 PM by admin in Baby Safety, Blog, Top Post

Baby turning on hot water in bathtub

It’s every mother’s worst nightmare! Any injury to your child is bad enough, not to mention one that’s totally preventable.

So my little toddler just began to learn how to open doors. At first, I thought “Wonderful! He learnt something new today!” But soon to my surprise, I realised how inconvenient it can be, shortly followed by the danger that follows him. He can get into things and places within seconds. Sometimes, it’s those seconds that seem too long.

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Older sibling waking up newborn baby

How to Keep Older Siblings From Waking Up Your Newborn
Posted on: 10/19/13 6:08 PM by admin in Baby Safety, Blog, Top Post

Older sibling waking up newborn baby

Mum’s, we get it. You’re busy, sleepless, tired and stressed from all the amount of work to get done in one day. It really can be a sigh of relief once you put the new born down finally to fall asleep.

And then, less than 15 minutes later you hear…”MUM! MUM! SHE’S AWAKE!!!”

Well…. offcourse she’s awake, you just screamed in her face! Read More