Family Daycare Educator Holding Door Monkey Polaroids

The Perfect Tool for Family Day Care

Family Daycare Educator Holding Door Monkey Polaroids

I am about to start my Family Day Care and was going through the fun process of child proofing my home. If you’ve ever had to do this as a parent you know how painfully fun it can be. ☺ First it was the drawers, then the child gates around the kitchen, next was the electricity outlets and so on it went. Finally I got to my doors, but how can I stop the little ones from going into those rooms they shouldn’t be in? I have those lever handles on my doors so no product in the market would work. So the hunt began to find a way to lock my doors!

I am in a rental home, and my landlord was being fussy over what I can and can’t do with my doors. I completely understand, however this did not help me in my search for a solution.

Then I came across the Door Monkey, I really hoped it was the answer to my problems! And yes it was! There were no marks to my rental property doors and it keeps the room secured from little people!!! I originally got two, and was SO happy with it that I ended up with two more.

My Family Day Care Coordinator was so impressed with the Door Monkey, that she is now telling all the educators about it as there is such a need for a product like this. Thank you Door Monkey for helping me with my business.

— Sharon Wilson, Family Daycare Provider in Queensland, Australia