Older sibling waking up newborn baby

How to Keep Older Siblings From Waking Up Your Newborn

Older sibling waking up newborn baby

Mum’s, we get it. You’re busy, sleepless, tired and stressed from all the amount of work to get done in one day. It really can be a sigh of relief once you put the new born down finally to fall asleep.

And then, less than 15 minutes later you hear…”MUM! MUM! SHE’S AWAKE!!!”

Well…. offcourse she’s awake, you just screamed in her face!

It’s always exciting, bringing home a newborn baby for your older children. Watching the amount of love they have for each other is truly priceless, so it’s not a surprise that they want to be a part of their every move, from feeding, to bathing, and the dreaded touching, poking and shouting when they finally fall asleep! Even when you put the newborn in a separate quiet room, my older children somehow manage to always find their way in to ‘watch them sleep’…in which they miraculously awake seconds later!

The Door Monkey changed all of this. Finally a lock that hooks onto the bedroom and bathroom doors, which prevents children from entering the room, thus the baby can sleep soundly without any interruptions! It locks and unlocks from both the inside and the outside, and out of reach for siblings to get to. Finally, a solid few hours of sleep for my new born, and a solid few hours of work (or sleep) for the rest of the family. I just wish I found the Door Monkey a few years ago!!!!