Door Monkey Product


Frequently Asked Questions

Will the Door Monkey work with my doors?

The Door Monkey is designed to work with 1-3/8″ (3.49cm) thick interior doors. This is the standard for almost every home. A very small percentage of custom homes have oversized doors or non-standard door-frames which may not work with the Door Monkey.

What is the difference between a standard and non-standard doorstop moulding?

A standard doorstop moulding is rectangular and has a square edge, which is required for the Door Monkey to lock into place. The Door Monkey will work with custom moulding if an optional catch is installed as shown below.

  • Standard Doorstop Moulding with Square Edge
  • Non-Standard Doorstop Moulding with Rounded or Beveled Edge

Will the Door Monkey work with front doors (exterior doors)?

No, exterior doors are typically 1-5/8″ (4.12cm) thick and will not work with the Door Monkey.

Can I take the Door Monkey with me to places?

One of the additional features of the Door Monkey is that it is Portable! So you can take it on trips, such as to Grandma’s house, to make sure your little ones play and stay safe.

Can my toddler defeat the Door Monkey?

It is extremely rare for a 2-3 year old to get passed the Door Monkey. However, one way is for the child to use a chair to reach the Door Monkey. In this case, you will need to position the Door Monkey high enough that not even a chair will tempt them at even trying.
The other way is if the child is able to get a running start at the door and break through. The Door monkey can handle approximately 40 to 50 lbs (18 – 22 kg) before it becomes loose or breaks. Although even this approach would be rare, it could occur if the doorstop molding is not a standard square door for the Door Monkey to lock onto, then the Door Monkey can come loose sooner.

What are other additional benefits and features of the Door Monkey?

There are so many benefits to the Door Monkey, besides keeping your children and pets outside of rooms:

  • The Door Monkey has a soft rubber grip, which helps protect the surface of the door when mounting on.
  • For families that are renting or do not wish to damage or drill holes into the door frame, the Door Monkey is the fastest, easiest and more cost effective option to keep the door secure.
  • Keep the children and pets out of the baby’s room during naptime, and still be able to hear your baby’s cry when she wakes up.
  • Keep the children and pets out of any room, without it becoming stuffy. Air circulation is easily achieved with the Door Monkey.
  • Always provides ease of mind for parents, knowing your child can’t get close to the toilet, toilet scrubber, bathtub, and other places you don’t want them to be near.