Mum connecting door monkey polaroids

Fantastics Solution to Keep Bub Out And Keep Our Home Cool

Mum connecting door monkey polaroids

We recently tried a Door Monkey in our home and found it a fantastic solution for keeping our inquisitive little one from roaming where we didn’t want her to go. We were looking for something that would deter her from entering certain rooms without having to keep all our doors completely shut, as we rely on a through-draft to keep our apartment cool.

The fantastic thing about the Door Monkey is that as well as keeping the doors open a couple of inches, allowing good air-flow, it also acts as a pinch guard, as doors can’t be accidentally slammed on little fingers when it’s in place. Another consideration for us was ease of installation as we are renting and can’t make any holes in the walls or doors. The door monkey fitted easily and snugly on our standard doors by squeezing a small lever and simply sliding it in place.

One of the pads on the door clamp is slightly grippy, which helps prevent slipping. The ‘monkey arm’ then caught effortlessly and securely on the door jam just before the door closed, leaving no marks on either the door the doorframe. The mechanism is smooth and worked perfectly to hold the door in place. It also allows for easy opening and closing of the door, which you do by either unhooking the monkey arm or pressing a button lever on the other side, so there is no danger of being locked in or out. Another huge plus is the ability to attach it high up on the door, safely away from prying fingers. The conception is incredibly clever and the device well designed.

I had watched a video of the Door Monkey in action before looking to buy one and was happy to find that it works just as well in real life. We are so pleased to have found a great baby-proofing solution in the Door Monkey and will be recommending it to other parents with newly mobile youngsters.

— Katinka P, mum to a beautiful baby girl