Baby turning on hot water in bathtub

Bathtub Injuries: How Every Parent Can Prevent Them!

Baby turning on hot water in bathtub

It’s every mother’s worst nightmare! Any injury to your child is bad enough, not to mention one that’s totally preventable.

So my little toddler just began to learn how to open doors. At first, I thought “Wonderful! He learnt something new today!” But soon to my surprise, I realised how inconvenient it can be, shortly followed by the danger that follows him. He can get into things and places within seconds. Sometimes, it’s those seconds that seem too long.

Our bathtub incident was the last straw. When he opened the door into the bathroom, and climbed into the bathtub, very soon I realised he can so easily turn on the tap, not to mention the hot water. And this he did very first, as though there’s a sign in the bathtub saying “TURN ON THE HOT WATER RIGHT NOW!” (Imaginary toddler language). Our tap is one of those modern style horizontal levers that you just swing it left or right. Yes, it looks funky and modern, but I didn’t realise how unpractical they were until years later that we had a toddler!

So I heard about this new product call the Door Monkey, which truly became the answer to all of my problems! It’s a hook that clamps onto the side of any door, and basically stops any child from entering into that room. This helped us, because our doorknob was not the classic round knob, it was (again) one of those modern swinging levers. But it didn’t matter, the Door Monkey works on any style door handle.

Now, my little boy no longer can get into the bathtub, but also into the toilet! Double bonus!

We ended up going back to buy a few more, one for all of our other rooms (second bathroom, study room, bedrooms, etc.). So this way, I can just go into the kitchen and cook dinner, knowing that he will be safe from entering specific areas of the house. Child proofing the house just got a whole lot easier!!!

This is by far one of the best inventions for any household with a child, which is why I felt the need to tell every other mum out there. It not only keeps our children safe, but provides ease of mind for mums and dads!

10/10 from me! Loving this Door Monkey!